Workshop Day 2 – Learning about colour and materials

Today started with so much chatter and excitement as the workshop students arrived and compared how the baskets had grown overnight with the homework they’d been given by the weavers.

A wonderful start to our second day with the most picture perfect weather to be weaving under the shady gumtrees, much laughter and sharing of more stories round the weaving circle, campfire crackling in the background – it almost felt like we could have been at Mapuru.

Apart from progressing the baskets, today the weavers taught how to dye the pandanus – how to make the colour. This is a really important part of the process of weaving,  all the material used in the demonstration was collected from local plants at Mapuru and brought down to show how it is done over the campfire.

After lunch during a wander to see the Merri Creek, the weavers discovered some grasses growing that can also be found up at Mapuru and are used for weaving, needless to say there was MUCH excitement and there are now a few basket being made in the workshop with a combination of materials that come from both Mapuru and Melbourne. Will be great to see how these ones turn out.