Following discussions between the Arnhem Weavers and Friends of Mapuru (FoM) about the first cultural exchange, the master weavers and students are excited about visiting Melbourne and delivering a workshop in late January 2014.

20130826_172613_SMLThe first cultural exchange will focus on continuing and strengthening existing relationships by sharing our place.  The women and students will come to Melbourne and stay in our homes, meet family and share in our everyday lives.  They will run a two day weaving workshop for a new mob of keen weavers, teaching participants about the materials and techniques while sharing their knowledge through stories.  The workshop will provide an opportunity for the master weavers to lead the way and demonstrate to their younger apprentices about teaching beginners how to weave.  This experience will provide an extension to their cultural education from home and the teaching practices from Mapuru Christian School, and pass knowledge the Yolngu way of teaching where people learn by doing.

While Melbourne will be unfamiliar to the women from Mapuru they will be supported by people they know allowing them the opportunity to develop confidence while interacting with the wider western culture of Australia.

FoM are seeking financial support to fulfil our first cultural exchange and pave the way for future exchanges.header_b1